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Friends of the powerhouse (FOP)

We are Friends

Friends of the Powerhouse (FOP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization formed in 1997 by a small, dedicated group of primarily longtime Del Mar residents with a passion for their community. Many founding members continue to be active on the Board.

FOP’s Founding President Barbara Harper at the opening of the new Powerhouse Community Center in 1999.

Our Mission

To preserve historical and architecturally-significant properties, promote social welfare, educate the public and protect the community and its landmarks in the beach area of Del Mar, California.

To fulfill this mission, the Friends of the Powerhouse raise funds to assist the City of Del Mar with ongoing preservation and enhancement of the Powerhouse Community Center, Beach Safety Center/Lifeguard Tower, and adjoining public recreational areas.

We Support & Promote


We protect and maintain the historical and architecturally significant properties and landmarks at and around the Powerhouse Community Center.


We proudly restore and enhance landmarks in the beach area while keeping it’s original character.


We promote social welfare by creating a community meeting place for all ages to enjoy.

Meet us at the powerhouse!

Our Beginning

The impetus for FOP began with the City of Del Mar’s late 1980s construction of Powerhouse Park. Upon completion, interest arose in renovating the neglected powerhouse on the property so it could function as a public community center.

Spearheaded by Barbara Harper, a group of citizens formed the Powerhouse Restoration Committee, which later registered as a nonprofit named Friends of the Powerhouse, as a fundraising vehicle, creating a festive “Meet us at the Powerhouse!” call to action.

Support Us

We’ve raised over $3M for for diverse projects in the beach area

Beginning with a strong commitment that has never wavered, the FOP has grown substantially in membership, scope, projects, programs, fundraising, and its value to the community.

Powerhouse Restoration: 1999

Upgraded tot lot: 2001

Beach Safety Center/Lifeguard Tower: 2012

Past Projects

FOP serves as an adjunct to the City of Del Mar in providing funds as well as construction design and oversight for diverse projects that enhance Del Mar’s exceptional quality of life throughout the beach area.

Our Team

Executive Board

Terri Pavelko: President
Cathie Hays: Vice President and Recording Secretary
Nancy Stoke: Treasurer
Gala Yayla: Special Project Coordinator
Marzena Poniatowska: Community PR, Press, Social Media
Linda Bachrach: Corresponding Secretary
Karen Powell: Community Non-Profit Liaison
Starla Weiss: Community Events
Barbara Harper: Special Projects and Senior Advisor
Virginia Frankum: Historian
Jeff Middleton: Community Maintenance Liaison


Jon Edelbrock
Clem Brown
Liz Anderson
Katie Pelisek

Board Members

Chiquita Abbott
Linda Bachrach
Virginia Frankum
Lynn Gaylord
Barbara Harper
Cathie Hays
Barbara Inbody
Marnie Mahoney
Chana Mannen
Jeff Middleton 
Carol More
Terri Pavelko
Marzena Poniatowska
Karen Powell
Dwyn Robbie
Tensia Trejo
Starla Weiss
Gala Yayla

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